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Read our blog to learn more about the Traditions hotel, our beautiful Glen, Binghamton and all the exciting people, events, activities and history that makes our property and city so fascinating.

02.05.18A Glass with Class: The Wines of the Black Bear

One of the more interesting wineries of the area, the Black Bear Farm Winery is dedicated to an alternative style of winemaking.

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Raspberries and Green Vine

01.08.18Outstanding Opera in Upstate New York

Imagine sitting in a plush theater seat as the lights go down, the musicians play, and the first exquisite notes of a classical aria reach your ears.

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Black & White Photo of Maria Callas

12.07.17Calling Children of All Ages: Come to the County of Carousels

As a child, George Johnson lived in poverty before growing up to become a successful shoe manufacturer and one of the region’s most generous benefactors.

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George W. Johnson Park Carousel

11.06.17Rod Serling: the Legacy of a Hometown Boy

Consider, if you will, the hometown of a six-time Emmy award winner. A town where almost everywhere you look are reminders of its most famous native son, and how his work affected, and still affects pop culture today.

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Rod Serling 1959 5a0116989c3ca

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